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I’m Margarida and this is The Sunny Virgo.

I started my tarot Youtube channel in the beginning of 2020 just for fun and with no big expectations to actually turn this whole thing into a career… Yep, now here we are 😅

I’m happy to say that I’m following my purpose and my goal is to help you do the same. I want you to be happy doing something you love and I want you to live your best life.

I’ll try to help you out through my blog or on a more personal note if you book a reading!

Can’t wait to connect with you 😚

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"After receiving my reading all I could think of was “WOW!” She hit on things I already intuitively knew and told me so much more about what I need to do moving forward. Her readings are very in depth and provide so much clarity on a holistic level. She reads from the heart and you can definitely feel it as she delivers her messages. The Sunny Virgo is amazing and very tapped in. Many thanks."
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