Cancer-Leo Cusp: Dates, Traits & How to Live Being One

If you’re born between July 19 and 25, then you’re a Cancer-Leo Cusp!
Let’s start with the basics, shall we? For you to understand how to balance these energies, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with in astrology.

Cancer-Leo: The Cusp of Oscillation (July 19-25)

Well, this Cusp isn’t called “The Cusp of Oscillation” just because… The combination of these two energies can either bring you to the beautiful set of a romance movie or to the scariest scene of a horror one. The struggle is real… As I mentioned in the Zodiac Cusps general post, one of my Youtube viewers said that “being a Cancer-Leo is such a curse. It’s like being a girl and a tuff guy all in one”. Yup… But let’s talk astrology.

So, you’re being influenced by the Moon (Cancer) and the Sun (Leo). Right there, you have two very contrasting planets ruling you since the Moon is all about emotions, the subconscious mind, your hidden inner depths and the Sun is, well, the Sun. It shines a light on everything it lays eyes on and it’s all about the self and the conscious mind. I know… the complete opposite. This can be a blessing if you learn how to deal with yourself. You’ll be able to understand your emotions and express them in a kind, drama-free way and to make big changes that help the community.

As a Cancer-Leo Cusp, you have the Cancer side that’s super caring and intuitive and the brave leader traits from Leo. You’re super influential and can do amazing things. Others listen to you because of your charisma and passion, so you can get them to do as you ask or really change the world by raising people’s awareness. Make sure you use that power for the highest good of all and not for your personal gain. That could happen if your energies are off balance and you’re more sensitive.


You connect with others easily thanks to your natural empathy and affection. You love Love and that makes you super attractive, you encourage others to be better and nurture those around you. In the beginning, you may seem shy, but as people get to know you, they understand that you’re non of that. In reality, this could happen in seconds. One moment you can’t even say hi, the next you’re dancing on the table.

In relationships, you’re super caring and a great lover. Of course… Until something not so good happens. The smallest things can really turn into a big fight and you can easily get wounded. You expect people to give you the same love you give them and when that doesn’t happen, you can really hold a grudge.

How to survive being a Cancer-Leo Cusp

Ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve been waiting for… How the heck do you balance your energies and don’t go from innocent child to the Hulk as often?

One of the ways is to subscribe to my Youtube channel or to get a private reading with me, and I’ll call you out when things are out of order (shameless plug that I do not regret 😂).

One of the first things is to really connect with that self-confidence from Leo. How can you do that? It’s a journey… And that journey is called self-care. Not the spa kind of self-care, though. It’s the I-need-f*cking-ice-cream-to-wash-over-my-soul kind of self-care. Journaling is super important, especially gratitude journaling. That’ll help you see how much you have and lower your need to have more, how much you’ve grown and build up that confidence.

It’s important that you devote your time to helping others and making positive changes in the world as it’ll bring a lot of fulfilment. Again, you’re super influential, so use that for good and always ask yourself “what is the best for the highest good of all?“. If you’re all over the place, you may ask or do things out of greediness, potentially ruin your reputation (see where the gratitude journaling comes in? 😉).

When it comes to relationships, remember that others are going through some sh*t too. When something happens try not to take it personally, put on Cancer’s empathetic shoes and see where they’re coming from. Sometimes the drama pursues you, too, and you may get caught up in gossip. Really try to avoid that and go to the source if it relates to you. If it doesn’t, then it’s not your life to talk about and tell those gossipers that you don’t care.

Call in the neighbour

When Cancer is being insecure, call in Leo and do a little pride journaling session. Write down all the things you love about yourself, your qualities, your strengths, your accomplishments. Put a little music on and dance your freaking ass around the house. When other people’s emotions get too much, pull back and connect with your own emotions.

When Leo is being selfish and greedy, call in Cancer. Think about all that you love. The things you own, the people you have around you, the love you receive. Think about someone specific and do an act of kindness towards them. Then, go and do an act of kindness – not greediness – towards yourself that truly feeds your soul. Maybe it’s moving your body or cooking a cosy meal or going to the park. Do something that doesn’t listen to the ego and the need for more. You already have it all, right here.

To feed both animals, give them a bit of meditation. More than any other person on Earth, this should be the first thing on your self-care routine. You can really find the balance between your energies and gain awareness over your emotions and thoughts as your practice goes by. That way, next time you start boiling, you’ll realise what’s about to go down and go back to your emotional centre. Once again, this is a journey, but the results are really something.

Cusp Research

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Hope this helped and that it brought a bit of clarity. Feel free to comment bellow your insights and suggestions on the Cancer-Leo Cusp. Let’s grow this community and help each other out. See you next time!

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  1. Hi!! glad I found your blog
    .much insight…I have a 7 year old son who is a July 20th baby and I’ve always known there was something strange yet super special about him..he is already implementing All of these effects and traits and im trying to figure out how to help and guide him. This August has been a DOoZie with the 2 Full Moons(Blue Moon) Mercury Retrograde with Mercury in Leo and all the other implemented affects of the Sun and Moon and Mercury that are going on at this time.
    (Stressed out single Mamma of an Amazing Cancer/Leo Cusp Baby Boy)

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