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Hi, I’m Margarida and I am the creator of The Sunny Virgo.
I’m so happy you found me and I can’t wait for us to connect!
So to start this off, let me share my story with you.

If you’ve been following me on Youtube, you know I studied Music for 16 years until I realised that I was meant for more.
Don’t get me wrong! I learned a lot and I met incredible people along the way but I just wasn’t happy and I wasn’t truly being me.

I created a fear of disappointment and judgement around my family. I thought they wouldn’t respect me for who I am and wanted to be. I thought they wouldn’t understand me (spoiler alert: they don’t, but that’s okay! They support me and my decisions). So for the longest time, I kept doing what I was “supposed to” and follow the rules I knew were accepted.

Fast-forward to my last year of College… I just had enough. I was doing assignments last minute and with not much effort (not such Virgo thing). I wouldn’t sleep, I would either eat too much or nothing at all. My ass was fixed to the couch and my eyes would roll about 50 times a day. Aka no self-love or self-care.

I realised something needed to change, so I did just that…
Special thanks to Coronavirus’ quarantine for all the self-discovery it provided!

The Sunny Virgo

On the 25th of January 2020, The Sunny Virgo was born.
This started out as a fun thing to release pressure from College but I soon realised that I was spending wayyy more time doing videos for Youtube instead of writing something for my Composition classes.

I then discovered the world of Cusps and that (sorry to disappoint zodiac signs) was when I truly fell in love.
I felt like there was something more for me to do.

My goal here is to help you create the life of your dreams, love yourself and be happy!

For me, tarot is not a tool to predict the Future. It’s a tool to discover yourself and align with who you truly are and who you’re meant to be.

For me, self-care is not a bath and a face mask. It’s taking care of your mind, body and SOUL! That means healthy boundaries, healthy body (and no I didn’t say good looking bod – that’s a consequence), a clear mind, peaceful soul.

For me, you deserve the world, the galaxy, the Universe. So let’s get you all of that, shall we?

Wanna Know More About Me?

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