Do You Really Know Yourself? Q&A Journal


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Do you really know yourself? Let’s find that out with this journal.

This is a simple journal that helps you get to know yourself and connect with all aspects of your life. It can get a little intimidating when you are faced with a blank page on a journal, not knowing what to write. What are the right questions to ask yourself? This book will help you with that. The best part is that you don’t have to feel pressure to answer one question every single day. These are non-dated questions, so if you want to answer 20 on the same day, great! If you feel like skipping a day, great! I should warn you though, it can get addictive… 😉

You’ll be faced with questions as simple as “How are you?”, to more reflective ones as “Does your current life align with your core values?”, or even fun little exercises to get messages from your subconscious mind like “Look at the time. Google that number’s meaning. It’s a message.”.

Available in:

  • Dated and Non-Dated formats
  • 3 Designs
  • 5, 3, and 1 Years formats

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