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17 Weekly Reset Habits For a Beautiful Life

If you’re a human being living on planet Earth, you need a little weekly reset from time to time. Sometimes your life may get a complete mess, you lose touch with what to do, your head is all over the place, and confusion sets in. You may feel frustrated and powerless because you should’ve known better. You shouldn’t be feeling this way, right?… Wrong!

In case you haven’t noticed, being a human is no easy feat. With the stress of keeping up with the world, it’s normal to lose touch with your soul, body, and heart. The thing is… You can change and prevent that!

I’m going to show you 17 weekly reset habits that you can adopt in your life. You can do them daily, weekly, during the weekend before you get back to work, during a full week of vacation that’s meant to recharge your batteries and get you feeling like you can conquer the world. I promise you, if you do some of these things, you’ll end your day/week feeling aligned, restored, and powerful.

Obviously, you don’t have to do all 17 of these things. You don’t have to do any of them, for that matter! This is here to inspire you and help you live your best life. Go through the list and see if any of them catch your eye. Try it out and tell me how you feel after it!

weekly reset

1. Clean

Do you know that thing “Clean House, Clean Mind”?… I’m a big advocate of that! Of course, I’m a Virgo, so Monica Geller’s clean freakiness is in my blood. But come on, you’re going to tell me you don’t feel better in a clean home? Don’t you love that smell of fresh air? Open the windows, grab the vacuum and go full Freddie with it, put some music on and dance around the house as you clean, shake the booty with your plants.
WARNING: You may have more fun than expected and raise your vibration super high!

2. Social Media Detox

I don’t wanna be that person, but… Social Media can be the worst!! All the comparison, the needless drama, the endless scrolling that leads you to do nothing productive, the shirtless boys… Oh no, wait, that one is good. What I mean is that it can be very stressful when we try to keep up with everyone, especially when those people are only showing the pretty side of their lives. With that said, I have a challenge for you: Time your social media apps and unfollow anyone that doesn’t make you feel good. You can even turn off your phone or not turn on the Wi-Fi at all!

3. Facing Fears

One of the worst things the brain has is fear. It can protect you, of course, but it also prevents you from doing the things you really want and taking risks. So why don’t you try and do one simple thing that scares you. For me, in my last weekly reset, it was going into my Music Room and playing the piano. I had a little trauma with my past in music that I needed to heal. I was afraid of going back to that room and becoming the person I used to be. Did that happen? Nope. I actually had a lot of fun!

4. Journal & Heal

This is one of the things I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Ok, almost every single day… But, for me, journaling is THE tool that helped me be who I am today. So take this time to journal about something that’s on your mind. Maybe get some journaling prompts or think about something you want to manifest and try to find out if there are any blocks. You can also do a bit of gratitude journaling, dream journaling, manifestation. Just grab a notebook, your computer, your phone, whatever, and start writing!

5. Spend Time With Family & Friends

Speaking from the experience of being in an 8-person family, sometimes all you want is your freaking space. I get that, but when you’ve been working your ass off and haven’t seen their faces in a month, maybe it’d be good to spend some time with them. They are your family and friends include in this! They are people that make you feel good and happy – if they are not, then this is not for you, don’t spend time with people that don’t make you feel good -, so maybe give them a call, go grab some pizza, have a movie night. You don’t need to spend a bunch of time – a little moment will do.

6. Relax & Binge-Watch Whatever You Want

When was the last time you had some time to catch up to those TV shows you love, that sequel that you haven’t watched yet, my Youtube videos? (See what I did there?… hehe) If your answer was “my last lifetime”, go and sit your ass in front of your TV/Computer, grab some popcorn and catch up to that. It’s okay to take a little break from time to time!

7. Fix Your Sleeping Schedule

If you tell me that you don’t like sleeping, then you clearly don’t have the same dreams I do… (We’re talking about fries, okay?) Sleeping is your fuel for the next day, what allows your muscles to rest and recharge so you can get those abs, where your subconscious mind talks to you. If your sleeping schedule is crazy, your sleep is going to be crazy, and people will have to be angels to put up with you. This part also includes having a nice night routine!

8. Fix Your Eating Habits (Cook Healthy Meals)

I know it’s hard to hear that you shouldn’t eat pizza every day, but remember that you have a body to take care of. That deserves your full attention and respect. Besides, if you eat it every day, there’ll be a time when you get tired of it. So why not eat it from time to time and have a foodgasm when you do? 

9. Shake That Booty

Talking about taking care of your body… MOVE IT!! Sitting in front of your computer all day doesn’t make it. You don’t have to go full-on HIIT workout with weights and screams of pain. Dancing a little bit (the dance workouts from MadFit are aweeesoooome), doing some yoga, going for some walks, that’s all enough! What matters is that you have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.

10. Be Creative

Do you know that quote from Maya Angelou: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”? That’s absolutely true!! And if you think this is only for artists, you are wrong! Where do you think new product ideas or new business strategies come from? It also brings more freedom and happiness into your life. So what can you do? Paint with fingers, wreck a journal, paint, music, dance, draw, try new makeup looks or hairstyles,…  The options are endless, so the question is: what do you feel like doing?

11. Read

Sometimes things get crazy, and you have absolutely no time to read whatsoever. It’s time to catch up to those books on your shelf or your wishlist. By the way, there’s no “perfect read” for a weekly reset. What do you want? What is your soul craving for you to read? Maybe it’s a romance, a children’s book, a self-development book, or a history book. Whatever it is, make sure it feeds your soul and lights you up.

12. Meditate

I know, I know… Just hear me out. When we’re talking about meditation, it doesn’t have to be you with your ass sitting, eyes closed, and breathing. That’s one way! You have so many options. A little walk in nature may be enough for you or a movement meditation if you love moving your body. How do you know if it’s for you? Do you have anxiety? Meditate. Do you have trouble concentrating? Meditate. Do you have trouble relaxing? Meditate. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Meditate. Are you a human being? Meditate.

13. Connect With Nature

There’s nothing better than spending time in nature, connecting with Mother Earth, feeling the grass on your feet, hearing the birds, smelling the sea. It’s one of the easiest ways to ground yourself (another one is meditation). And it doesn’t only have to be about going outside! It can be about cooking earthy meals, petting your furry buddy, making Moon water. Anything that connects you with Earth, you got it.

14. Do Something Fun

This is the time to lose your mind and go crazy! You can pair this up with the “Face your Fears” point or with the “Shake The Booty” one. What matters is that you’re smiling, laughing, enjoying yourself.

15/16. Learn & Do Something New

There are a bunch of online courses you can do out there, then don’t just sit around! Pick your ass up and go do it. If you’ve just been reading about astrology, go and check your birth chart. You can also try new recipes and be adventurous in the kitchen. Be open to new experiences!

17. Develop Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities

This is one of my favorite things! We all have intuition, and we all have psychic abilities. Some of us can connect with them effortlessly, others not so much, but I believe that everyone can tap into them. 
Start to follow your intuition more because that’s your Higher Self guiding you through life. You can improve and train it with fun exercises, like trying to predict your mom’s clothes for the next day (Yes, I do that). Another way is to listen to random songs and figuring out where some messages are for you.
With your psychic abilities, the main and easiest ones are the “clairs”. These are Clairvoyance (clear sight), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting), and Claircognizance (clear knowing). You can definitely do a little research around this and start doing some exercises to develop them.

If you’re a zodiac cusp and you want to know how to balance your energies through self-care and a weekly reset, then definitely check out your cusp post! You can always get a private reading with me, and I’ll let you know about any self-care that you need ASAP. All I want is for you to be happy and live the best life possible.

If you have any other ideas or want to share your perfect weekly reset habits, then comment down below! Can’t wait to hear (or read) from you. 🙂


weekly reset
weekly reset
weekly reset


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