Zodiac Cusps: What the heck are they? Are you one?

You wanna know what zodiac cusps are? I’ll tell you… Cusps are the most frustrating thing to be. Sorry I couldn’t be more positive, but it’s true! Hopefully, I’ll help you figure out how to make things a bit more livable, though.

So, let’s be real now. If you are a cusp, it means that you were born when one sign was setting and the other was rising. Your Sun sign is still essential, but being a cuspie (as I love to call us) those main traits are a bit diminished. It also only has one sign, which means you’re a Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp with your Sun in Aquarius, for example. Your other planets also have an influence so you may actually realise that you have a lot of them on your fellow sign. For me, all of this only intensifies the cusp energy.

This is a tricky subject in astrology – some astrologers agree and believe in zodiac cusps, others don’t. Me, an apprentice and a Leo-Virgo cuspie, obviously agree and believe in this, because I can feel it! I can feel the amazing unique traits it gives me, I can also feel the turmoil of those two energies clashing.

How do zodiac cusps affect your life?

Well, as we said before, your Sun’s traits are diminished and you could feel like you have some of your neighbour’s qualities. Basically, you’re a smoothie with a little bit of one sign and a little bit of the other.

I’m gonna be honest… Sometimes is a nightmare. Here’s a testimony from one of my viewers on Youtube as a Cancer-Leo Cusp:

Being a Cancer-Leo is such a curse. It’s like being a girl and a tuff guy all in one.

The struggle is real… Being a Leo-Virgo, for example, is having one side saying “be nice, be calm, be controlled, be quiet, be invisible” and another screaming EXPRESS YOUR FREAKING ASS RIGHT NOW! PEOPLE NEED TO SEE YOU. YOU’RE MEANT TO SHINE B*TCH!!!. It’s complicated…

But I mean, other times this is actually pretty nice! For example, if you’re an Aries-Taurus cusp, you have that drive and ambition from Aries, but the impulsiveness is calmed and grounded by the Taurus energy. It also gives you such a beautiful combination of qualities and depth to your character. 

Not only that, but a lot of people struggle with balancing their inner Masculine and Feminine. For you, you already have hints on how to do that because Cusps are naturally made of those two energies. So by learning about your cusp, you’re learning how to be a human being. 

These cusp timelines are moments of change, endings and beginnings. You’re a whole new breed! Learn to balance those energies, embrace that weirdness and enjoy your happy unique life!

Cusp Research

I'm always trying to learn more about cusps, so I can provide you with helpful information.

With that being said, if you are a Cusp, could answer this really quick survey please?

I'd love to know more about you!

Hope this brought a bit of clarity and feel free to comment down bellow your insights and points of view on the Zodiac Cusps!




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