Gemini-Cancer Cusp: Dates, Traits & How to Live Being One

If you’re born between June 17 and 23, then you’re a Gemini-Cancer cusp!
Let’s start with the basics, shall we? For you to understand how to balance these energies, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with in astrology.

Gemini-Cancer: The Cusp of Magic (June 17-23)

So, you’re being influenced by Mercury (Gemini) and the Moon (Cancer), which means that you’re one of the best people to be friends with. You’re a very social humanoid with amazing relationships. You’re fun and you have a huge heart, easily making you the life of the party. On the outside, you may appear as mentally stable and that you got your sh*t together. On the inside, well… Let’s just say there’s a lot people don’t know.

As a Gemini-Cancer Cusp, you have the curiosity of an Air sign, plus, the emotion of a Water sign. You’re very empathic and sensitive, absorbing the feelings of everyone around you. That can quite often be a bit too much, but it’s for a good cause because you love helping those around you. You bring light and happiness to any situation – no matter how dark things get – and even just your presence brings a positive vibe.


You show genuine interest in others and their problems. That’s why you most likely are always elected as the advisor in your group of friends. You’re a great communicator and listener, so no wonder people feel so at home with you. You’re the shoulder for them to cry on when they need to and that shows so much love and care. People definitely appreciate you or, at least, those closest to you.

Family is really important to you – both blood family and friends family. That doesn’t mean that you let people in easily, quite the opposite in fact! You’re a very committed person and, when you’re in, you’re ALL IN, but it takes some time for you to get there. You have a hard time trusting others, so for them to enter your closest circle, they have to buy you a generous amount of good-ass nuggets. Once they’re in, they can enjoy all the amazing perks of having a relationship with you.

How to survive being a Gemini-Cancer Cusp Cusp

Ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve been waiting for… How the heck do you balance your energies and don’t freak out?

One of the ways is to subscribe to my Youtube channel or to get a private reading with me, and I’ll call you out when things are out of order (shameless plug that I do not regret 😂).

Let’s be honest here. You’re an amazing friend that helps a lot of people, but when it comes to following your own advice or asking your friends for some… You suck. Because of those trust issues, you tend not to share a lot and prefer to hold it all in. The thing is those same friends that you help want to help you too. They want to listen and have their shirt all soaked in your tears (okay that sounded evil 😅). They’re there for you and wish you knew that. Don’t be afraid to let it all out and to sound like a maniac stressing over a badly cooked carrot.

Another thing is – you guessed it – self-care. Like we said before, you’re an empath, so you absorb a lot and that can lead you to stress over something that it’s not even yours. Be sure to take some alone time to recharge, focus on yourself and gather your thoughts and emotions.

Call in the neighbour

When Gemini is avoiding problems, call in Cancer. It’s not even about talking to others, it’s about talking to yourself. Let Cancer say “It’s okay to be vulnerable. Let’s cry our eyes out…“. Then, apply what we discussed previously and use Gemini’s beautiful communication skills to talk it out with others.

When Cancer is closed off in its shell, not showing anyone any emotions, let Gemini take you out on a date. Maybe you’ll want to go alone and get some ice-cream, or maybe you’ll call some friends for a karaoke night. It doesn’t really matter just get out of your house or wherever you’re at and have fun. Also, remember that communication is one of your strengths, so it may be wise to call that bestie.

Now don’t hate me on this one… Sometimes Gemini is super hyperactive and Cancer is all moody. Through meditation (and no, there’s not only one type of meditation), you can get a grip on that. Gemini will learn to cool down and Cancer will gain self-awareness. That way, when your feelings get all up-and-down, you can recognize them and get back to your more compassionate, loving and nurturing self.

Cusp Research

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Hope this helped and that it brought a bit of clarity. Feel free to comment bellow your insights and suggestions on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp. Let’s grow this community and help each other out. See you next time!

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